Tuesday / April / 2019

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Classrooms and Facilities

Enabling Environments – Safe and Secure

undefinedThe nurseries are situated in a number of easily accessible locations and are now well-established in the community. Our premises are purpose built and provide an environment that is welcoming, interesting and accessible for your child.

The first priority of parents is their child’s safety. The premises are equipped with closed circuit cameras to ensure children’s safety and security at all times.

There is a security guard permanently located on site and he is responsible for signing in/out procedures, locking and unlocking the premises and maintaining general order. No trespassers are permitted. All visitors who enter the nursery must wait in the waiting area to be greeted by the Nursery manager and sign in a visitor’s book. 

undefinedOur premises have been thoughtfully planned to ensure that the classrooms are safe and that they provide a secure environment. Our staff ensure your child’s safety at all times with safety checks and risk assessments carried out on a daily basis.

The classrooms are well planned to provide a child-centred and nurturing learning environment where all resources are accessible at child’s height. The classroom is a carefully prepared environment that encourages children to learn individually at their own pace. Children possess a unique ability to absorb information from their environment. This is why we have prepared a learning environment with a wealth of concrete, manipulative learning materials that encourage children to discover and learn throughout this phase of their life.