Tuesday / April / 2019

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Health and Safety

undefinedThe nursery clinic is licensed by the Department of Health Authority and a qualified nurse takes responsibility for the clinic and for maintaining medical and immunization record for every child. Parents are expected to complete the Clinic and Permissions Pack when a child joins the nursery.

Our nurse provides first aid or emergency care to sick or injured students however the clinic is not fully equipped to deal with extensive medical conditions. The nurse also assists the Visiting Doctor in conducting medical examination of the students on her weekly visit.


undefinedThe nursery clinic is permitted to store only those medications as per guidelines from the Ministry of Health. For children who are on medication not included in the Ministry of Health medication guidelines, parents must provide a prescription from the doctor with complete medical history and fill in the appropriate authorization form. Medication will only be stored for a certain period of time.

Raffles nurseries have an infection control policy in place in order to reduce and minimize the spread of illnesses in the nursery. We also follow a general hygiene policy and our nurse ensures that toys and resources for children’s use are appropriately maintained and cleaned regularly by staff and that the environment, both indoors and outdoors, is kept clean and safe for the children.

Download Clinic & Permissions Pack