Tuesday / April / 2019

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Adequate, healthy and nutritious food and drink are essential for children’s current and future well-being. We believe that staff should provide children with positive role model and attitude towards healthy eating habits. These are put into practice on a daily basis at meal times as well as being promoted as part of our general curriculum activities, for example, when covering themes such as ‘Food’, ‘All About Me’ and ‘My Family’, ‘Healthy Eating’, ‘Healthy Living’.

Children will have access to both a morning snack and lunch. While all snacks are provided by the parent, the option of a hot cooked lunch delivered by a catering company is offered at an extra charge. To view the hot meal menus for the current month, please click on the links provided below. As an alternative to the hot meal, parents may provide a packed lunch for their child. Children should be supplied with a water bottle which will be refilled in the nursery.

The nursery follows a ‘healthy eating’ policy and all classes are nut, chocolate, crisp and ‘fast food’ free. We recommend fruit, yoghurt, sandwich or crackers and a healthy beverage (milk or juice). For more information on what to pack for your child, please follow our ‘Healthy Eating Guidelines’.

Children who have allergies or intolerance should be able to attend our nurseries providing the allergy or intolerance can be safely managed within our setting.


Download Healthy Eating Guidelines

Download Raffles Nursery Lunchbox Menu for April 2019

Download Raffles Nursery Vegetarian Lunchbox Menu for April 2019