Tuesday / April / 2019

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Outdoor Learning

undefinedWe believe that children learn best in well planned indoor and outdoor spaces, where they are free to play as they choose. Learning which flows seamlessly between indoors and outdoors makes the most efficient use of resources and builds on children’s interests. We view the outdoor and indoor areas as complementary and both learning environments hold equal status within a child’s early years’ experience.

Through continuous team reflection and planning, our nurseries boast an enhanced outdoor environment where children have access to varied resources to play with and where they choose activities that help them to think, create and express their ideas and feelings. Through discovery and finding out, they build knowledge about the world with their peers.

undefinedThe outdoor area not only offers children opportunities for role play, physical activity, freedom and movement in the large space provided, it is also set up with different areas where children can develop their pre-writing, language and math skills.

For many children, playing outdoors at their early years setting may be the only opportunity they have to play safely and freely while they learn to assess risk and develop the skills to manage new situations. Our outdoor provision encourages children to actively engage with their environment and we can see the enjoyment, sense of wonder and excitement that it generates in children in our care.