Tuesday / April / 2019

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Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Providing world-class education

Our Mission

To empower students with a holistic, rigorous and international education for success in an ever changing world

Our Philosophy

- To be recognised by the success of our students in achieving their personal goals

- To make student development the centre of all school decisions

- To aspire to the highest internationally recognised performance standards

- To build and celebrate a culture based on internationalism

- To enable staff to become life-long learners through the development of their professional practice

Core Values

Achievement | Collaboration | Innovation | Integrity | Respect | Responsibility

Our Beliefs

- The first five years of a child’s life are the most important.

- Parents are the child’s first educators and know their own child best – we work in partnership with parents to ensure the best possible outcome for each child.

- Quality is the key – it’s the quality of what we do together that allows each child to work at their own pace in reaching their full potential.

- Choice – everyone has different learning styles and needs – that’s why we offer both Early Years and Montessori Programmes.