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Admissions Policy and Procedure

1. Admissions Policy


1.1 We welcome students of all abilities, nationalities and religions who, in the nursery’s opinion, will benefit from the academic, personal and social programmes on offer. We are proud of our visible commitment to diversity and international mindedness.

1.2 Our nurseries actively seeks to nurture the holistic development of your child.

1.3 We take our responsibility for your child’s social, personal and academic growth very seriously. In order to serve your child’s individual needs and to support his or her transition to our nursery, it is important that we have complete information regarding your child.

1.4 Where requests for admission are received for children with special needs and disabilities, a decision will be made on a case by case basis. All reports must be submitted and additional reports from health professionals may be requested. In the case where a child’s specific need has not been previously identified, the nursery reserves the right to review the situation in order to assess the capacity to address his/her needs within their existing level of provision.

1.5 Priority admission will be given to children whose siblings are already studying in our schools and nurseries.

1.6 Children of our nurseries who are age eligible to join school, will be offered priority admission to any of the IVEI schools subject to space availability and the school’s admission criteria.

1.7 The nurseries adhere to UAE law and MOE guidelines.


2. Age Guidelines


2.1 Children must be twelve (12) months and less than four (4) years old at the time of enrolment. Children who are 12 months old are enrolled on the basis that they must be walking unaided at the time of joining the Nursery.

2.2 If children are assessed as developmentally ready for being promoted to the next age grouping during the academic year, the recommendation for promotion will be discussed with the parent at the time and promotion will take place.

2.3 Children of age 2.8 years and above (32 months and above) as on 1st September of the relevant academic year are required to enrol only for a 5 day week regular attendance schedule at the nursery.

2.4 Children of age 12 months to 32 months, have the option of choosing the flexible day attendance schedule (2 days a week, 3 days a week), in addition to the option of the regular 5 day schedule, subject to availability.


3. Admissions Procedures


3.1 Most children start nursery life in September, however registrations are welcome at any time during the year and enrolment takes place throughout the year subject to space availability. Children meeting our admission criteria will be offered a place subject to availability. Every effort will be made to admit the children into their first choice of nursery.

3.2 Initially, a fully completed online application must be submitted. This can be completed for only one nursery of your choice. Following your submission, our admissions office will contact you regarding the status of your application. If a space is available you will be advised on the next step of the admission process. If a space is currently not available in your child’s age group, your application will be placed on our waiting lists.

3.3 Parents are advised to visit their nursery of choice to tour the facility and meet with the Nursery Manager. We conduct regular tours on all working days, Sunday to Thursday at 9.30am. Parents may contact the Nursery Manager directly to schedule a tour or alternatively, contact the nursery admissions office to schedule the tour.

3.4 The Nursery Manager will assess the child’s suitability and degree of readiness to start at the nursery and will allocate the child to the age appropriate class. Where required, the child’s report from his/her previous setting might be required.

Required Documentation

The following documents must be submitted prior to the child attending the Nursery:

1. Clinic/Permissions Pack fully completed and signed

2. Signed copy of the Terms and Conditions

3. One copy of student's and parents' current and valid passport and visa

4. One copy of student's birth certificate

5. Copy of student's immunisation record

6. 4 passport-sized photographs (in colour) of the student

7. It is mandated by the regulatory authorities MOE that on enrolment, the Emirates ID of the student be electronically swiped at the electronic machine available at the Nursery with the Nursery Manager, as the final step of the student’s official registration

3.6 Service Standards

The admission process for each child needs to be completed within 5 working days of the application if the child is based in Dubai. To achieve this goal, the following process and service standards have been defined:-

• Responding to parents on receiving the application, emailing the Questionnaire 1-2 working days

• Receiving the evaluation from the Nursery Manager 3 working days

• Communicating the outcome to parents 5 working days (From the date of application)

3.7 Admissions Policy for Students with Additional Needs:

Students of Determination experiencing Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND):

All placements are subject to availability of spaces. Any new applicant with identified special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) will be referred to the Nursery Manager. The Nursery Manager will go through the reports and arrange to observe and assess the child, making appropriate recommendations to the admissions department thereafter. The Nursery Manager will evaluate if the nursery is adequately equipped to meet the needs of the child and recommend whether the admission offer should be full or partial (in partnership with another specialist school or provider) or if the nursery is unable to provide a place currently.

3.8 Policy Review

This policy is to be reviewed annually, though; any deficiencies or weakness in admissions will be remedied without delay. The Head of Nurseries and CEO (on behalf of the Board) will undertake an annual review of the Admissions policies and procedures and of the efficiency with which the related duties have been discharged.

Appendix 1 Admissions Process Chart

The processes outlined below are managed and administered by the central Admissions office, in collaboration and consultation with Nursery Managers.


Please click here to complete the Online Application Form for admission into a Raffles Nursery. 

The Admissions Office is open from Sunday - Thursday 7.30am - 3.30pm.

Please click here to complete the Online Application Form for admission to the Raffles Umm Suqeim Nursery.


For more information, you may contact our Admissions Executive listed below:

Tel: +971 4 4271233

Tel: +971 4 4271202/1203 (Umm Suqeim Nursery)

Email: nurseryadmissions@rafflesnurseries.com