Welcome to Arabian Ranches Nursery

It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you all to Raffles Nursery in Arabian Ranches; the nursery is energised by differences which you can hear in the variety of languages spoken by parents and some of our children. It is a place where the ambition of our staff and the talent of our students come together in a culture which nourishes and forms a solid foundation stage for your child. Our students are drawn from all around the world and due to this diversity; a remarkable learning experience is achieved.

At Arabian Ranches Nursery, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Programme and embrace children from the age of 2-4 years. Children in our nursery are seen as “Unique” and as such learning programmes are tailored around each child’s development needs. The aim of the nursery is to give your child the best stimulating environment in order to improve their development and educational needs. Children at the nursery are encouraged to be independent and confident right from the beginning.

Every year our students make us change the way we think and aid us in planning their educational programme. The energy and enthusiasm which spur between the students and our Early Years Practitioners help to make learning more fun and exciting. The Early Years team frequently tells me stories of how their students’ ideas and questions open up new channels of inquiry for them also.

Raffles Nurseries are always seeking to develop, enhance and maintain high standards in education for their students. All our teaching staff are well qualified Early Years Practitioners who bring a wealth of experience. In order to further enhance their skills and to keep them up to date with the changing trends in Early Years Education, the practitioners have access to various training opportunities and workshops. In addition, we have a Nurse who works with all of our children throughout the day, monitoring their health and taking care of those who may need medical attention.

As well as working closely with the children, we pride ourselves on providing additional support for parents, for example, in areas of potty training, behaviour management, setting routines, eating habits and home learning.

To understand fully what we offer, a visit to the nursery is recommended – please do get in touch with me if you wish to do so.

Jane Heyworth
Vice Principal - Arabian Ranches Nursery

Email: arnursery@rafflesis.com
Telephone: 04 427 1476