Welcome to Lakes Gardens Nursery

Located just as you enter the Lakes community, the Lakes Garden Nursery offers children a warm and wonderful start to a lifelong learning journey. The international staff team are trained and committed to support and encourage every child to reach their full potential. They also ensure that the learning environment if fun for all!

The key to learning in any environment is feeling secure and enjoying positive and caring relationships with others. Settling children successfully into the program is our first priority. We also like to share with parents in order to extend our understanding of each child and working together enhances the opportunities for learning and development. Sometimes the greatest developments for very young children are social and emotional such as growing in confidence and self- esteem, learning to express their needs and feelings and understanding the needs and feelings of others.

Children are born with a natural sense of curiosity; nurturing this desire to explore and investigate equips children for future learning in our ever changing world.

The curriculum attracts children to learn by being creative. Catching and counting toy fish in the water tray, for example, is fun as well as educational. Everyday children are stimulated by a wide range of different experiences and opportunities. I very much welcome you to come and see us at work and play all in one!

Jyoti Navre
Vice Principal - Lakes Garden Nursery

Email: lakesgardennursery@rafflesis.com
Telephone: 04 427 1472