Parent Testimonials

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Hattan Gardens Nursery

"Raffles is wonderful institution that helped my son develop his social and language skills. Thanks to the wonderful teachers that really put in a lot of their time and efforts to help us raise our kids the best way possible. Another great thing is the diversity of the activities that were introduced that helped expose my child to things I wasn't able to do myself. Like international day, dress up and people that help us. I can say that the year and a half that my son spend at Raffles were a great part of his childhood development. Thank you." - Ghada Ayash

"we would like to let you know that we have been very happy with our child's development and progress in your prestigious school during the last 6 months, both in his academic and extra-curricular areas of activities, and would like to request you to keep him in your list as a preferred candidate for future admission. We may be moving back to Dubai in a couple of years time, inshaAllah, and would very much like for our child to return to your school to continue his future studies, inshaAllah:)" - Mr & Mrs Ahmad Ali Zia

"Both our children have attended this wonderful Hattan Gardens Nursery. I really 'Thank' from bottom of my heart the whole staff/ teachers/ Vice Principal, they are so loving and caring that you are assured for your children when they are in the Nursery. We are very happy and satisfied with the nursery. The way they handle kids is very professional and caring and itís like 2nd home to the kids. I must mention Ms. Kanchan, Ms. Anusheh and Ms Moeeza, are very much dedicated, passionate, loving and caring but when it comes to discipline they are very strict too. Both my sonsí base in terms of social/emotional being became very strong. Every morning Ms. Jyoti makes sure to greet each child and parent with a pleasant smile and then you immediately get a positive feeling about the place :-) When I pick my child each afternoon from the Nursery he is so happy, what else does one need as a parent? I must say, 'Hattan Gardens Nursery' is one of the best nurseries in Dubai. We are really thankful & blessed to have you. - Neena (Vihaan and Yuvaan's mom)

Town Centre Nursery

"This is my forth year with Raffles as a school, I am extremely happy with the academic, social and emotional development that my girls have made and are making with the school. Over time I have come across some wonderful teachers at your school and was again pleasantly surprised today when I received a phone call from Ms.Estelle enquiring about the well-being of my younger daughter who has been home sick and unable to attend nursery this week. As a mother I felt extremely happy to see a lady who does not see herself as doing a JOB but someone who is willing to go the extra mile!
As an organisation you are lucky to have such people working in your team." -Ambreen (Nawal's mom)

"Sending one’s child to a pre-school is always a tough decision. From the moment I walked into Raffles Nursery, Town Centre I knew it was the right choice for my twins. Ms Mary was very warm and friendly and yet there was an air of professionalism in her approach. The classrooms were large and bright and all the children looked happy and there were plenty of things for them to do. The outdoor playground was well equipped too. One of the biggest advantages I thought was the school providing lunch due to which my children have learnt to eat a variety of food!Rehan and Aalya settled in very quickly, considering this was their first time ever to a play group or nursery. They are exceptionally fond of their teachers, Ms Jabeen, Ms Gloria and Ms Armie and they look forward to school everyday. I particularly appreciate the open-door policy that the school has and how approachable the staff are. It is an excellent start to my children’s early education.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Mary and the staff for making Rehan and Aalya’s experience in a nursery a positive one. I shall always be grateful for the attention Aalya and Rehan received and the welcome that we as parents are given." -Yogita Sengupta (Mother of Aalya and Rehan Sengupta).

Arabian Ranches Nursery

"Malcolm and I have are very happy with the school. Miss Pam has been absolutely brilliant and we have seen how much Tejas has grown in the last few months. Miss Pam in particular is wonderful, and we can see how much she invests into the children and brings warmth and fun to the classroom. Also, the two assistants seem lovely and work well with her and the children.The school as a whole has a very welcoming environment, and Tejas enjoys coming to school everyday. We have also found you and the school to be very responsive to Parent’s requests. The outdoor play area is very enjoyable.Arabic seems to be going well and Tejas is enjoying the manner in which it is being taught.All in all I would say that Tejas will leave his nursery with regret but with the tools to cope and do well in big school."


"The fact that Sophia is leaving towards the end of this term, I would like to say that the nursery has made such a difference to the level of commitment given to the kids, and Ms Cheryl has been fantastic. With you in charge ringing the changes on the physical building and over-seeing the classes and being available for the parents, it has worked extremely well.  Ms Cheryl has handled the boy-heavy class very well and I still feel that Sophia gets good attention despite the class management needed for all of them.  With the implementation of the ‘activity sheets’ I feel that I’m much more aware of what is going on with Sophia.  It also means that I feel I can support Ms Cheryl in getting across some of the basic ideas for the week. 

All the ‘special’ events been wonderful, the Christmas Concert was incredible.  I’m still not sure how you managed to keep 24 2-4 year olds sitting nicely and singing along.  It was a very cherished moment for us .Sports Day was also terrific and a lot of thought and energy had gone into making it feel both exciting and fun.  I’m only sorry that Sophia will not be here for International Day which will be wonderful.

The feedback during the parent-teacher meeting was personal and helpful.  Given that Ms Cheryl had only been teaching for a few weeks she did an amazing job.  The written report was crafted and informative, too.

Overall, we have been very pleased with Arabian Ranches Nursery.  The new toys that have come in have made a real difference to how the classrooms feel, and the discipline improves every week under Ms Cheryl’s guidance. 

You have made it a wonderful place for small children to grow in independence while still feeling safe and loved.
Many, many thanks for all your help with Sophia."


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