Welcome to Town Centre Nursery


Welcome to the Town Centre Nursery. The nursery is located opposite the large Spinneys in the Town Centre shopping area close to Springs 14. As such the nursery is well placed to serve families in the various local communities; many of which are within walking distance.

The nursery follows the Early Years Curriculum and promotes learning through first hand, practical and play activities. Children are encouraged to be involved in child initiated learning as well as that directed by the teacher. At Town Centre we look at our children and see a child who:

  • is unique
  • is capable
  • is rich in potential
  • is an active learner
  • is an individual with rights and responsibilities
  • has different needs and interests
  • is a collaborator in the learning process
  • is a contributor
  • is constantly learning and growing
  • is creative

As such we pride ourselves in providing a stimulating learning environment, both indoors and outdoors, where children have the freedom to learn from new experiences without fear of failure. We encourage our children to develop a healthy curiosity for the world around them and to enjoy the explosion of learning which takes place in the exciting early childhood years. We believe that a child who is nurtured in a loving and secure environment will grow in self-esteem and develop the confidence and skills needed to meet the challenges on the road to adulthood.

There is an old African saying “It takes a whole village to raise a child”. At Town Centre we support the importance of building good relationships with our families, recognising that parents are the first and foremost educators of their children. As such it is important that you are part of the work we do with the children. We keep you informed about what the children are doing, not only verbally on a day to day basis , but also more formally on a monthly basis when you are provided with a Parent Information Sheet which gives you written information on what your child will be covering during each topic. The nursery also adopts an “open door” approach which means that you are welcome in the nursery at any time. In addition, we will be setting up a Parent Group at the beginning of 2011. It is by working together that we can best provide for each child in the nursery.

Don’t take what we say for granted – we invite you to visit our nursery to come and see for yourselves the quality care, learning and environment we provide. You could also have a look at what some of our previous and existing parents have to say about the nursery! Click here to read their testimonials.

Ms Nesreen Hassanain
Vice Principal - Town Centre Nursery

Email: towncentrenursery@rafflesis.com
Telephone: 04 427 1458