Tuesday / May / 2019

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Arabian Ranches Nursery

Fariha Habib

Nursery Manager - Arabian Ranches Nursery

+971 4 427 1476

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Raffles Arabian Ranches Nursery.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Programme, within our small and intimate community, where parents, staff and children really bond together and unite- with a purpose. We welcome all children from the age 12 months to 4 years. This is a nursery where the talent of its staff and the future ambitions of the children, mould in a culture which nourishes and forms a solid foundation stage for your‘little ones’. Our children arrive from all around the world and, with this wonderful diversity of culture, we create a remarkable learning experience for their potential development.

Each child in our nursery is regarded as unique. As such,our learning programmes are tailored around each one’s development requirements. The aim of our nursery is to give your child’s the most stimulating environment and improve their learning and development skills. They will be individually encouraged to be independent and confident : from day one! With us, they are provided with the opportunities to gain experience in both communication and practical experiences and they will increase their awareness of global understanding.

Raffles Nurseries will always seek to maintain, develop and enhance their accepted high standards in education for their children. Our teaching staff are extremely well qualified. They are ‘Early Years Practitioners’, who bring with them a huge wealth of experience. In order to further enhance their skills and to keep them up to date with the changing trends in Early Years Education, our practitioners have ready access to various training opportunities and workshops. In addition to this, we provide a dedicated nurse, who works with all our children through each day; monitoring their health and taking care of any who may need specific medical attention.

Thank you for your interest in Raffles Arabian Ranches nursery and, please feel free to contact me directly for further information. I hope to meet you very soon.