Tuesday / May / 2019

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Arabian Ranches Nursery


At the Arabian Ranches Nursery, we have two age-defined classrooms. This beautiful and intimate nursery encourages your children to learn, play, experiment and explore with the toys and activities, which are arranged for them each day. The rooms have been arranged into specific areas of play: Natural Resources, Small World, Construction and Role Play, where Mathematics and Literacy skills are developed simultaneously.

In all these areas, we provide a free-choice system which allows your children to select toys and resources of their own - at any time. We allow 2-4 year olds to do more focused activities, so as to help them in other areas, in preparation for the next stage in their development. Throughout the days, the children have the opportunity to experience outdoor playtime in our shaded garden.

Our Outdoor Area is equipped with a climbing frame, a slide, swings and a see-saw, all within a large sandpit. On a daily basis, the children can experience and explore a variety of resources: from role play to building blocks. The sandpit allows the children to develop their fine motor skills, whilst digging, scooping and pouring. We have a large area of Astroturf for the children to play in safety. This whole area provides a wonderful space for the children to enjoy their picnics, as well as engage in our outdoor story times. Parents relish the pleasure of this outdoor experience, during our International Day and Book Fair celebrations.

The classrooms in the Arabian Ranches Nursery are created with your child’s focus in mind. The areas of the nursery are changed on a regular basis and they have the children’s interests at heart. The role play area evolves with various themes, to become: a doctor’s surgery, a space rocket or a jungle. The children are encouraged to have their own input towards these, by making decisions and creating art works. Throughout each day, the children have the opportunity to explore the large selection of our books within the classroom, learning how to handle them with care. The Literacy and Mathematical areas develop your child’s recognition of more numbers and letters and build an increasing knowledge of letters and sounds.