Tuesday / May / 2019

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Arabian Ranches Nursery

Fida Najjar

Nursery Manager - Arabian Ranches 2 Nursery

+971 4 4307129

Welcome to Arabian Ranches 2 Community Nursery, bringing the total number of Raffles nurseries to 9. We opened our doors in March 2017 with the vision of providing world-class education that prepares your child for life. Our facility is located inside the gated community (in the Leisure Club), and embraces a refined combination of philosophies and the newest approaches to education, including Montessori and the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We believe that education and care are inseparable in the early significant years as they form the basis for a child’s social, emotional, and intellectual development.  

When you visit our nursery, you can notice children from various nationalities exploring, learning, socializing, communicating, caring for one another, problem solving, and just having fun. Everything about the program is tailored to their individual needs, interests, and stage of development.

In our nurturing, safe and interactive Montessori environment, your child will have free access to resources where they can make their own decisions about what they want to learn. Hence, our teaching team, including our nurse, is well trained to offer individual attention to every child by assisting them in discovering things they are most interested in learning about: Practical life, Sensorial, Math, Language, Music, and Culture, as well as Art and outdoor play area. Each of our classes is a carefully prepared environment that encourages children ranging from 18 months to 4 years to learn at their own pace in different areas of the curriculum. They can work individually, in small groups, or in large groups provided with age appropriate hands-on experiences.

We endeavor to encourage fun learning based on collaboration, and diffusing negative competitiveness. We also promote appropriate behavior through the use of positive reinforcement techniques, as we believe that discipline is a positive internal motivating force. Our method of classroom management is based on respect: respect for self, respect for others and respect for our environment.

As you are our partners in ensuring that your child’s best interests are met, we offer day-to-day interactions, both daily and weekly learning reports supported by photos, newsletters, theme related plans, parent-teacher meetings, detailed progress reports and term based events such as International Day and various celebrations.

If you are looking for a nearby homey place which bridges the gap between home and school while unleashing your child’s intelligence, communication and social skills, then Arabian Ranches 2 Community Nursery is your target. To get a real insight into our Montessori setting, please contact me on 971 55 965 8676 to arrange a tour of our facility in Arabian Ranches 2.