Tuesday / April / 2019

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Arabian Ranches Nursery


Our premises can be found in the Leisure Centre in Arabian Ranches 2.


Our Nursery radiates an interactive, warm and safe Montessori atmosphere where your little child's curious mind develops in a whole different world, which is considered an extension of home.

Our facilities consist of our classrooms and the outdoor play area as well as an indoor activity area, child sized toileting facilities and a kitchen. We also house a clinic which is run by our nurse.


We have a small reception area where you can sit and discuss your requirements with the Vice Principal.

Our Classrooms

Our classrooms are organised with the intention of allowing the children to learn at their own pace in the different areas of the curriculum while having free access to resources. Each classroom is organised in areas such as Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language and Culture. The classrooms are thoughtfully prepared to encourage children to work individually, in small groups or in large groups. Children are provided with age appropriate experiences that are practical and hands-on.

Indoor Activity Area

We have an indoor activity area which we use for indoor physical activities as well as dance, music and movement. This is especially useful in the particularly warm weather as children will be able to continue to develop their large motor skills indoors. It also consists of a story telling corner and a construction station.


We have a fully resourced clinic which is run by our nurse. In addition, we have our own doctor who will visit the nursery on a weekly basis. Both our nurse and doctor will be happy to discuss any advice you may need or concerns that you may have over your child's health and well-being.

Additional Activities

Whilst we are confident that all your child's needs will be very well met by the nursery staff, it may well be that some additional activities such as music and movement, KidzArt, French etc. will be offered by outside experts.

Outdoor Area

The dedicated outdoor area promotes children's physical development through the use of purposeful outdoor play equipment. In addition, our location in the Leisure Centre, which is the heart of Arabian Ranches 2 community, lends itself to picnics and nature walks. These outdoor activities will promote hands on discovery and the children will learn to enjoy this safe, green and peaceful location.