Tuesday / April / 2019

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Dubai Marina Nursery



Dubai Marina Nursery

Raffles Nursery Marina is a wonderful place and we are very proud of the choice we made for our daughter. Since September 2016 when Lara started we have noticed big development! Her social and language skills have developed so much! She’s not four yet but is able to write her name and numbers confidently and she recognizes alphabet letters. The structure of their curriculum and the diversity of topics and activities have helped introduce Lara to many topics at early stage, like the food pyramid, solar system and even difference between dinosaur types! Many thanks to the Vice Principal Ms. Annelie who is always present greeting the children and giving that positive vibe as soon as you arrive in the morning! Also a special thanks to Ms. Fariha the class teacher who has not just helped develop Lara but also recognized her talents in certain areas. The main reason we are keeping our daughter in the Raffles institution is the positive impact we had from the nursery this year.

Rabab & Rami Khateeb

I always say to people it's the feel of a place that should determine what nursery or school to pick. Walking into Raffles Dubai Marina Nursery you instantly get a lovely welcome and homely feel where each and every staff member knows your child. My daughter's first experience of nursery has been such a positive and happy one. Thank you Ms Rehana, Gina and Evelyn for your warm and loving care - always supportive and nurturing.

Shauna McMahon