Tuesday / April / 2019

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Emirates Hills Nursery

Rishika Malhotra

Nursery Manager - Emirates Hills Nursery

Welcome to the Emirates Hills Nursery. As a community nursery, we were established in 2007. Emirates Hills Nursery remains of great success as we continue to deliver quality through hands on learning, role play and Montessori activities. We pride ourselves in providing a stimulating learning environment, both indoors and outdoors. With a diversified student community and an international team of staff members, our nursery’s unique and broad learning environment gives a child freedom to pursue his own interests, while making responsible choices. The result is that the child will become an independent learner, self-motivated, and excited about education.

The first six years of your child’s life is a time of tremendous growth and rapid development. We discover the Early Years Foundation Stage areas of development keeping in mind the Montessori philosophy. Montessori education offers a compelling solution that respects your child’s unique development, stimulates love for learning and prepares him or her to face the challenges of the future. 

Children are encouraged to be involved in child initiated learning as well as that directed by the teacher.  The essential elements of Montessori Education are:

* Individualized learning
* Mixed-age classrooms
* Freedom within limits
* Children “learn by doing”
* Children lead learning in classrooms
* Children are independent
* Inviting and exciting classrooms –‘The Prepared Environment’

Children have the freedom to choose and learn from various new experiences on daily basis. Child-size materials and tools that aid independence are organized and cleaned daily so students can access and use them when needed.

Montessori education is meant to be an exciting adventure – a journey of self–discovery. Children are encouraged to learn through freedom of choice which enables them to gain confidence and independence, leadership, and a community atmosphere. We keep you informed about what the children are doing, not only verbally, but also more formally in the form of monthly Newsletters, Medium Term Plans and Parent Information Sheet which give you written information on what your child will be covering during each topic. The Nursery also adopts an ‘open door’ approach which means that you are welcome in the nursery at any time.

To learn more about the Montessori Method of teaching and see the ‘Prepared Environment’ created by our dedicated team of teachers, please call to book a tour of the nursery.