Tuesday / April / 2019

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We love all of you for the wonderful work you did for the children at your nursery It is funny that we realise more than the children that this precious time will not come again. Now it is KG1 and sooner than later new challenges are there in life. We always felt that the first 5 years of life are the most important where the character, mutual respect and social responsibility is formed. Your team - starting with yourself, Ms. Shivo to Ms. Shabnam, Ms. Apple, Ms. Edna and Mr. Ashok played a great part in that and we will always be thankful for that foundation and I am sure Ruby will have later in life a hint or two from us what happened in her early life to make certain decisions and to be the way she is at that time.


As the term is slowly approaching to its end I would like to use the opportunity and express my gratitude for your excellent work as a team and in particular to Ms. Kiran. She really did an extra mile to make sure Marco feel very comfortable in the nursery and progress academically as well as physically. I remember her staying with him for Monkeynastix and everywhere else when he was feeling insecure. Marco is coming home every single day with a new word in his vocabulary and it looks so easy we are wondering if he will even speak our own language.


Within the last five years we had our three kids, Suad, Yahya and Nathalie Haddad at your Emirates Hill Nursery. We would like to express our great appreciation to your efforts in making the nursery such elegant, cozy and warm place without any comprise when it comes to the quality in everything you do. Thank you for the care you showed. Day after day, I could never doubt that you cared about our children as you did for all the other children in your nursery, and in spite of being a part of huge corporate you managed in wonderful way in keeping the human touch and values without crossing the corporate lines. Thank you for going the extra mile for all of us. Thank you for being a great manager. Thank you for staying after school. Thank you for the charming smile you have on your face every morning and afternoon. Thank you, Teacher Rishika, you have booked a permanent place in our minds and hearts …………

Lina, Suad, Yahya, Nathalie and Nidal Haddad