Tuesday / April / 2019

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Hattan Gardens Nursery

Jyoti Navre

Nursery Manager - Hattan Gardens Nursery

Welcome to the Hattan Gardens Nursery!

Located at the entrance of the Lakes Community, The Hattan Gardens Nursery offers a warm, caring and enriching experience for children to start their lifelong learning journey. The Hattan Gardens Nursery, established in 2010, provides a high quality international experience designed towards encouraging young children to realize their full learning potential. Our comprehensive facilities, combining multiple classrooms, a cozy library, an indoor activity room and a spacious outdoor play area have been designed to create an open, engaging experience for children. Our well trained staff blend seasoned expertise with hands-on experiential programmes to build a fun, interactive experience for children.

We believe that harnessing a child’s natural sense of curiosity is key to unlocking their thinking process and accelerating their future development. Our curriculum and style of delivery are built to ensure children think creatively through diverse, fun experiences that are stimulating, educational and embedded with key learning concepts. We strongly believe in ‘learning by doing’ and often find that children open up to express their own needs, feelings and thinking patterns through these experiential exercises. Although time spent with children is always rewarding, our proudest moments are those where we visibly see children grow in confidence, expression and self–esteem through close interaction with our staff.

Above all, we are committed to ensuring that children feel comfortable, positive and supported in the nursery environment. Our highest priority is ensuring children settle in successfully into our programme and build secure, positive relationships with everyone around them. In addition, continuous learning is a key facet of our culture – to this effect, we also collaborate closely with parents to share information, elicit feedback and promote an open, transparent environment of knowledge sharing and idea generation.

The early experiences in a child’s life are often very formative in nature and we see it as our responsibility to build the right foundation. I encourage you to visit the nursery, interact with us and be a part of our fun family!