Tuesday / April / 2019

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Hattan Gardens Nursery


At Hattan Gardens Nursery we take in children from the age of 12+ months to 4+ years. We follow the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), a curriculum from the UK. This curriculum focuses on 7 areas of development key to a child’s holistic growth and development. Goals are set for every age group and our staff plan many activities to help children reach these goals.

All the activities are well planned and fun thus ensuring that children are learning and gaining knowledge through play.

Amongst the various ways in which to help children learn and grow, we focus a lot on Role Play, as through role play children get opportunities to improve their communication, language, imaginative and creative skills. It also helps in their personal, social and emotional development.

We have many nursery events in our large, shaded outdoor play area.

Our cosy library helps children understand the value of reading as a hobby and our indoor play area we call our Central Area helps children have an enjoyable play time, especially during the hot months of Dubai.

Our classrooms with so much of natural light not only add to the cheerful atmosphere of the Nursery, but are ideal for supporting phonics, art and craft and mathematical activities.