Tuesday / April / 2019

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Hattan Gardens Nursery

Raffles is wonderful institution that helped my son develop his social and language skills. Thanks to the wonderful teachers that really put in a lot of their time and efforts to help us raise our kids the best way possible. Another great thing is the diversity of the activities that were introduced that helped expose my child to things I wasn't able to do myself. Like international day, dress up and people that help us. I can say that the year and a half that my son spend at Raffles were a great part of his childhood development. Thank you.

Ghada Ayash

We would like to let you know that we have been very happy with our child's development and progress in your prestigious school during the last 6 months, both in his academic and extra-curricular areas of activities, and would like to request you to keep him in your list as a preferred candidate for future admission. We may be moving back to Dubai in a couple of years’ time, inshaAllah, and would very much like for our child to return to your school to continue his future studies.

Mr & Mrs Ahmad Ali Zia

It was really a pleasure dealing with you throughout this year. I can't believe one year passed already. Below are a few words that I really mean. "You have surpassed all the qualities that I value within an early years setting, providing an excellent and appropriate learning environment alongside dedicated and loving staff. Thank you!


I am writing this email to express my happiness and satisfaction from the development and mental growth I am experiencing with my son since he has started attending Hattan Gardens Nursery in the Lakes. I want to thank you for the high quality learning experience delivered to these very young kids and the high level of interaction that makes them so excited to attend. I have actually felt how much the nursery means to my son when I enrolled him for 3 days instead of 5 days this term. The day he has nursery he wakes up very early and comes to me ready to leave the house. What is more important is the happiness I see on his face when he meets the Vice Principal Ms. Jyoti, the teacher Ms. Farheen, the helpers and the other teachers as well. I am really impressed and would like to thank all the team of the nursery for creating this nice environment for my son and the other kids as well.

Miriam Khalil