Saturday / January / 2019

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Hattan Gardens Nursery

I want to thank you for the great time both Phileine and Olivia spent at Hattan Garden Nursery. We enjoyed all the activities, the great teachers and the positive attitude that’s all around. You’re running a great school.

Jelle Leeksma & Mirjam Wester

Both of our children have attended this wonderful Hattan Gardens Nursery. I really 'Thank' from bottom of my heart to the whole staff/ teachers/ Vice Principal, they are so loving and caring that you are rest assured for your children when they are in the nursery. We are very much happy and satisfied with Nursery. The way they handle kids are very professional and caring & it’s like 2nd home to the kids. I must mention Ms. Kanchan/ Ms. Anusheh and Ms Moiza, are very much dedicated/ passionate, loving and caring but when it comes to discipline they are very strict too. My both sons' base in terms of social/emotional became very strong. Every morning Ms. Jyoti make sure to greet each child and parent with pleasant smile. (& then you immediately get positive feeling about the place :-) When I pick my child each afternoon from Nursery he is so happy, what else you need as a parent? I must say, 'Hattan Garden Nursery' is one of the best Nursery in Dubai.We are really thankful & blessed to have you.

Neena (Vihaan and Yuvaan's mom)

As this academic term comes to an end so does Nainika’s cherished tenure with Hattan Gardens. Nainika has had a remarkable exposure in the past two years. It has been a very positive learning experience. Hattan Gardens has been a vibrant, fun and safe environment for her to learn in. Prashant and I would like to thank the entire staff at Hattan Gardens for helping Nainika build beautiful memories. Starting with Mr. Kareem, who each day welcomed us with a warm greeting and a smile. Ms Zenny who hugged, cared and consoled Nainika for the last two years. Ms. Norma, Ms. Lisa who have supported Nainika in all her activities. Her lovely teachers Ms. Kanchan last year and Ms. Moeeza this year who have shown her immense love care and encouragement. Their creative approach and techniques to engage her on a given subject is truly commendable. Nainika has been very enthusiastic to discuss and further learn on all the topics introduced by her teachers in the class. And finally you Ms Joyti for being so welcoming, endearing, supportive and such a beautiful individual. Thank you for having Nainika and making her initial schooling so special. I wish you and your whole team all the success and happiness forever.

Prashant & Veenu Maroli

This is to specifically appreciate the amazing, amazing opportunity you gave us on the "Messy Play Date" with our kids organized by the nursery. I wish to tell you that it was an amazing experience - the way it was all executed, the varied variety of activities that you and Ms. Farheen and the assistant staff had thought of and the way everything was executed. It was all so seamless and so good! A very special word of appreciation for Ms Farheen and the way she involves all of them, taking them out of their comfort zones and teaching them to experiment with new mediums. She's just so amazing each day! Thank you Ms. Farheen!! Thank you for all your efforts you all put every day for us. It goes way beyond than being just a nursery!! But then, that's what Hattan Gardens has always been about - love and so much personal touch. We look forward to school each day just because of you all!

Neha Sood