Saturday / January / 2019

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Hattan Gardens Nursery



Hattan Gardens Nursery

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for hosting and organizing such a lovely event for the kids and for us all. You welcomed us all with our families and it was more than I had imagined and it was such a refreshing and heart-warming event to be apart of, especially in a place like Dubai. A place which is far away from all our home towns. It felt so great to see so many different cultures together and united in one place show casing all the amazing things that make them unique. In fact it made me emotional and proud to see my son represent where he is from. We really need more events like this to create more respect and unity for all the different backgrounds we all come from. The stalls, the food, the decorations and all the friendly faces from the Hattan Garden Nursery really made the event all that it was and I know that it was a lot of work on you and your staff. So, well done and thank you!

Anna Durrani