Saturday / January / 2019

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I am overwhelmed with emotions as I write this note to you and your great team at the nursery. I can’t thank you enough. Over the past 3 years Kian has grown from a little toddler to a charming and pleasant young boy and that was due to the great culture at your school as he spent most of his days there. I remember the times when you personally got involved to guide me in developing Kian and in lessening the emotional strain that I had in raising a first child. I will never forget the great memories at Springs Nursery, the learning, the fun, the culture and the personal engagement of all that work there. For all of that, I and my family are indebted to you and your team. I hope that we will cross paths again in the future.


We’re trying to find words that can express our admiration towards your work, and your team and our huge gratitude for the way Salim is been taking care of, but there are simply no words to define exactly how we feel!! We always mentioned to you, that the main reason that led us to choose Springs Nursery, was because of the people in it. We couldn’t be more right!!!! You are an excellent leader, an excellent person that understands our fears and anxieties are parents, and you have the one of the most amazing teams working with you which is led by Ms Jessica. Thank you and Ms Jessica for all your confidence, kindness, patience and above all your love for the kids! We feel very fortunate to have you as the Leader of Springs Nursery and to have Ms Jessica as Salim’s school role model!!!!


Thank you for a wonderful 4 years of nursery experience for our 2 children Nina & Sylvie. We will always treasure the memories of the experiences and gratitude to you for your dedication to running such as great nursery. All the very best and we will miss coming here.

Mark, Simone, Nina & Sylvie

Thank you so much for giving Armaan the perfect environment to flourish in. Your nursery is amazing, I am delighted to have found you and couldn’t recommend it enough! Armaan has developed into a confident and clever boy from a toddler, all under your care.