Saturday / January / 2019

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From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you and thank all the Raffles Nursery Springs team for an amazing academic year. Thank you for your presence, your follow up and your smile. As for Ms.Kumudu, I can't find the words to express my gratitude for being, not only a teacher, but a second mother to Micho. Her amazing, smile, her knowledge and especially her patience are highly appreciated. Thanks to her he has grown so much and achieved so many thing I would've never imagined him doing, or saying, so quickly and early. She will always have a special place in Micho's heart and in mine of course! I can't wait for next year to start, as I am sure Micho will be embarking on another amazing learning journey.


Kyle had an amazing year in Cassette 5 and my husband and myself are amazed about his progress throughout the year. He loved every day at nursery and I could see how emotional he became when saying goodbye to Ms.Kumudu and the Assistants today. They have all done an amazing job and we hope he will have in the next academic year a teacher who is as enthusiastic and caring as Ms Kumudu. He will truly miss everyone in his class and as per him, there’s no holiday needed. Thanks a lot to you for managing such a great team and making sure everyone is happy to welcome Kyle daily in nursery.


I am so happy that Zoe has had the opportunity to grow and learn at Raffles Springs. She has absolutely loved it. I so appreciate the Montessori approach and I am very grateful that Zoe has been able to do things in her own time and way. So thank you very much for the last 1.5 years and keep doing what you are doing. Being a teacher is hard core but the impact you have on our children is so great.


My husband and I jointly extend our deep appreciation to Ms Nida, Ms Kumudu and the extended staff for being the first teachers in this educational journey of our son Shiv. We couldn't have asked for a better nursery, initially the proximity to our house was the main reason we sent him here but discovered to our delight how absolutely wonderful the nursery is in its ambition to give an all encompassing learning experience to young ones I had the pleasure of seeing it first hand by being at the nursery for a few days. May I say Ms Nida, you are such a hands on leader. I have seen you always on toes, promptly addressing issues, and so enthusiastic in every child's development. Where do I even begin with Ms Kumudu, your passion for your work is so evident in the way you treat every child every day. From the moment they enter the class your warm smile and exuberance makes learning all the more fun. I have seen my son blossom into a more social and articulate little boy. Also we would like to say to Ms Angie, Ms Gemma and Ms Joanne thank you for taking such wonderful care of our son and Ms Elsie you with your ever ready welcoming smile. It always made us secure in our knowledge that Shiv was in good hands, so a thank you note to the Security person Mr Raj. Now that our son takes the journey ahead we only hope he gets the same happy nurturing environment that Springs 7 nursery has provided. Please take it from a parent what a wonderful job each one of you are doing every day. You'll are asset to your school.

Vinita &Gajendra Trivedi