Tuesday / April / 2019

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Town Centre Nursery

Nesreen Hassanain

Nursery Manager - Town Centre Nursery

Town Centre Nursery provides children of all nationalities with a safe, caring and stimulating environment in which they are nurtured and respected and encouraged to become independent learners. Town Centre Nursery is a play-based setting where children learn through first-hand experiences and child led activities that involve exploration and discovery. We believe on building on what the child already knows and we would like to help each child to grow up to be sure of who they are and have confidence in what they can do.

Town Centre Nursery follows the British government recommended curriculum for nursery schools and early years’ facilities ‘The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum’ where every child is valued as an individual and allowed to develop at their own pace and according to their own needs. The children’s day in the nursery will flow between a child initiated learning and teacher guided activities where all learning takes place both indoors and outdoors. Our staff are well trained and understand that children need to be safe, secure and healthy in order to learn.

In Town Centre Nursery, we strongly believe that parents are children’s first educators and therefore we like to consider our parents as our partners in their child’s learning journey.

We always work to provide the children with a stimulating environment as we believe that a child who is nurtured in a loving and secure environment will grow in self-esteem and develop the confidence and skills needed to become an independent and competent learner. We believe in the creation and facilitation of a positive environment, where children can express their feelings and needs comfortably and confidently and a nursery can become their second home.

I understand that when choosing the perfect place for your child, parents need to be confident that whom they entrust this responsibility to are highly qualified, dedicated and capable of meeting the individual needs of their child. Therefore I would like to welcome you to visit our premises and view for yourself the quality care and the learning environment that we provide.