Tuesday / April / 2019

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Town Centre Nursery



Town Centre Nursery

I am very sad to be writing this email. Siena has had a wonderful year at Raffles Town Centre. She is excited to go to nursery each morning and has made some lovely friends. Thank you for everything you have done to make Siena's first year in nursery such a good one.


I wish to take this opportunity to also thank you for the lovely work you are doing and for the excellent support while at the nursery....the girls and I will surely miss Raffles and the team!


I am sending you this email to tell you about the wonderful team you have in Town Centre Nursery. We see how much time and effort Mrs. Dimitra and her team are putting everyday on the education and well-being of the kids.Your new Vice Principal, Mrs.Nesreen, is very creative and organized. We saw the results of their great job, during the end of year concert, which was very nice and also very emotional for us.

Yasaman and Benjamin Milleret