Tuesday / April / 2019

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Umm Suqeim Nursery



Umm Suqeim Nursery

I would like to raise on behalf of Ibrahim and my family a big thanks to you and your team and school management for the great efforts and achievements that have been done for Ibrahim. We are very delighted to have this chance to know you and your team, and we are sure that words are not enough to express our feelings and recognitions for all the efforts that have been done. We would like to wish you a blessing vacation and hopefully we will meet you again next year.

Abdul Rahman Al-Haroub

It is from the bottom of our heart that we would like to thank you for doing so that our little seed could blossom so well under your guidance. Joana has been very happy joining your class and has, to our opinion, done amazing progress. Grazie mille per tutto!

Sylvie Meunier

We were so lucky to have you for 2 years, you were not just a teacher for us, you were more than a friend, you helped me a lot with Yahia during his ups and downs journey. All the progress he reached now is because of you. I owe you big time!! We will miss you so much, and I wish you best of luck, you really deserve the best. Kindly be informed that we are flying today, so Yahia will be absent for the rest of the week. Thanks again for everything you've done for us.


I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for taking care of my son, even though it was for a very short period of time, it made a huge impact on his development. We can see a difference in his behavior, and a big progress in his academic and social skills. This was his first step in educational path and he was so lucky to be lead by real professionals! Best regards and happy summer vacation! 🌸😊