Friday / February / 2019

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Umm Suqeim Nursery



Umm Suqeim Nursery

You did an amazing job. Maryam is my third child and I can tell that my eldest did not learn what Maryam has learned this year! May you be rewarded for your efforts.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for all the hard work and efforts you have put in for the entire year and the result is the much confident and enthusiastic Reana. We have seen remarkable changes in her and as we look down the journey of the previous academic year, we only have pleasant memories. The foundation years of a child are very important to shape up their future and with full gratitude we say thanks to you for being such an integral part of laying a strong foundation for her. You are going to be missed dearly and keep showering your blessings on her as she begins her new journey of "the big school" (as she likes to say it©). Good luck to you with all your future endeavours and hope u continue to enlighten all the kids that come your way. It was wonderful knowing you and an immense pleasure of having Reana in your class. Thank You!